Another Update on the Video!

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Ok, the video for the song is done.  Now it just needs a short intro.  Someone on 235 mentioned a real-life version of the running fridge joke, except with an actual fridge running.  That idea is awesome, so I plan on filming that.  But the problem is that fridges don’t run.  The solution is the next best thing–a costume!  Here is is (sorry it’s reversed):

Fridge Costume

Fridge Costume

So grim…so grim…

I shall film myself running around some trees and stuff in a grim and kvlt manner.  This should be the final touch on the best music video ever!  Also, if anyone dresses up as a fridge for Halloween, I’ll post the pics on here.  If you dress your kids up as fridges (mini fridges?), then you’ll get more pictures up here.

This is almost done!!!


Belated Birthday Wishes/Video Update

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Well, nobody quite realized that it had been an entire year since the idea for \\\Maytag was concieved, but indeed it is true.  September 21st was the first birthday of the musical entity known as \\\Maytag!   To celebrate, we were made this cake by a 235-er:

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to the frigid grimness of \\\Maytag!  It’s actually crazy that this has literally lasted for so long.

Now to the serious business–the music video!  The video is on the verge of being finished.  I might want to whip up an intro, but for the most part, it’s complete.  I’m still open to getting more submissions, but I can’t fit too much more into the video.  If you have anything you want to submit, do so ASAP! Once the video is 100% finished, which I’m assuming will be in early-mid October, I will make a topic on 235 asking for 3-5 people to preview the video.  I will want their feedback on the video so that I can get some objective criticism on it.  Once I take their criticisms into consideration, edit some stuff, it will be released to the world!  The video will be up for download, as well as streaming on Youtube.  In addition, you will be able to download the song from our website for free as well!  I won’t reveal the title of the cover (or the song covered for that manner) until the day this is released, so nobody shall ruin the surprise!


A Small Update on the Frigid World of \\\Maytag

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Since I last posted, we’ve gotten a good bit of footage to be included in our special new music video. I know for a fact that Tnuc Lana has footage to submit as well, so I’m really looking forward to releasing the final product. I’ve been tweaking wit hit a lot, and it really has the lo-fi, ridiculous feel that I had imagined when I came up with the idea for this cover in late-June. This is almost as epic as Call of the Wintermoon, although there is no corpsepaint involved as of yet. But even if the video is done very soon, I have absolutely no intention of releasing it in September. There is something much more important going in the world of 235, and that is the release of the debut album “Metazoa” from our great friends in Cormorant!



Continuing and massively improving on the material from their EP, Cormorant have crafted a truly amazing album. Clocking in at over an hour, it explores lots of different territory, yet remains interesting throughout. This band is a constant favorite of 235, and we all hope that they get much more exposure. You can pre-order the album here:

Also, Tnuc Lana has submitted a new track! It’s in the demos section of the site, and it’s quite chilling! I like his new trend of focusing on high-pitched BWOOO)))Ms. It shows a great degree of creativity. Also, the song title is hysterical, because the book “Death Comes for the Archbishop” is rather bad.

Well, enjoy! Congrats once again to Cormorant!

We’re Making A Music Video?!?!?!? WTF?

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I have been spending some time lately on a cover song.  The song is almost entirely done (I might add a few more bwooms, but it’s virtually all done).  I don’t want to reveal the song I covered yet (IT’S A SURPRISE DAMMIT!), but I will say that it’s a pop song.  Also, this pop song has a music video (that doesn’t really narrow things down), and it’s best with the video instead of on its own.  With that said, I want this cover to have a music video before I release it.

Here is where 235 comes in. This video is meant to be in a joking manner like Call of the Wintermoon.  To make this all inclusive, I’d like to open this up to everyone–if you want to be in the video, submit video content of yourself doing silly things with a refrigerator, or being overly grim for no apparent reason. Run around, jump, be like Korpiklaani and burst out of your fridge/shed, hump a fridge, run through the fridge section in your local appliance store!  Do anything that in some way relates to either \\\Maytag’s brand of humor, or just over-the-top metal humor in general.

Anyone up for this? If so, upload your video to megaupload, mediafire, sendspace, etc. and send it to me.  Also, you don’t need to have already submitted music to \\\Maytag to be in this video (in fact, being in this video will make you an official contributing member).

I’m really looking forward to working on this.  A few people have heard the song already and are as pumped as I am for this.  I’ll compile as much of the footage together as I can, and it’ll be a mildly disorganized cinematographic masterpiece!  We’ll be the next YouTube sensation!

New Links Up Now! Download at about 600KB/s!

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Well, I guess my estimate was a bit wrong, but it’s a good thing–the new links are now up!  Now all downloads are from links I uploaded to the Internet Archive.  You can look us up there if you want, since the hotlinks to individual songs are there.  Enjoy drastically faster speed!

For the sake of tracking, I’m posting the official download numbers of the releases with the old links:

The Saga of the Frostbitten Lands of Frigidaire:  150

Concerto for Three Washers in Sea Major:  55

Permafrost:  55

Minor Update About Downloads (New Webhost! Faster Speed!)

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Well, I feel like an idiot.  I can’t believe that I had never heard of the Internet Archive.  For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s like an online library.  It hosts text, video, and more importantly, audio!  Well, I created an account there, and have started to upload our music there.  It takes awhile, because the ZIP files are pretty large, so it’s not ready now (only 4 of 9  ZIPs are ready, but I want to replace the Sendspace links all at once).  Expect everything to be ready within a week or so (I’ll make another post when it’s done).

While Sendspace has been great for us, the 80KB/s downloading speed is simply not good at all.  Sendspace was fine for lo-quality demos and such, but for big ZIP files, it’s lacking.  With the Interenet Archive, I tested a download of one release, and it was at over 500KB/s, which is obviously a huge improvement!

Also, the Archive allows for direct linking (“hotlinking” is the term if I recall correctly) just like Sendspace, so the only change you will notice in downloading our music is an increase in speed.  In addition, Sendspace has a 30 day period where if the link isn’t clicked, the file is deleted.  We never have to worry about that with the Archive.  I am also uploading individual audio tracks on there as well (in FLAC and 320kbps MP3 formats, since has the 128kbps MP3 already), so that we can hotlink to them individually if we want.  After all that time back in May lkooking for a decent host, I can’t believe that I didn’t find this.

I’d like to thank instrumental progressive metal one-man outfit Dimaension X for hosting his music on the Archive–that’s how I discovered it.


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With the relatively successful release of the first album (considering the recording methods and complete obscuirty), multiple people have contacted me about joining \\\Maytag for a second album.  As such, we already have TWO NEW DEMO SONGS!

“Stormy Sirens in a Grim Gale” by APPREHENSIVE


“The Blackamoor Does Sail” by returning member Tnuc Lana

I decided to set up a page for them, and all future demo contributions will be added there.  All I can say is that the enthusiasm for this whole project has been great, and I can’t wait to see it continue on.  I know that I will certainly be contributing once again, and the title for my track will most likely be “40 Shades of Grim,” an Irish-themed track.  Folk-fridge metal?  Haha…sure…

Also, I have my own personal little surprise for \\\Maytag.  I have no clue when it will be done, but I personally find it to be quite amusing.  The vocals are mostly done (and yes, it’s more than just “FUCKIN’ CHOW DOWN!”), and I’m currently working on everything else.  This might go with the EP I’ve been planning for months now (“Fridgerick Douglass“), or it might be a single on it’s own.  Regardless, I think it’ll be a love it or hate it type of thing–just the way it should be!

Still, everything seems to be going very well with \\\Maytag.  I guess that’s all for this update!