New Album Demo Tracks!

Well, since the album release topic finally got purged off of GAMEFAQS, I figured that we should have a place where all new demo songs can be posted.  Thus, I have made this little page.  Tracks will be listed under each contributor, and contributors will be listed in order of contribution.  If you want to contribute, just post it on 235, message me on, or email us at our email address.  Here we go–let’s get out a second album!


“Stormy Sirens in A Grim Gale”


“Icy Laundromat of Pure, Unadulterated Terror and Blackness”

Tnuc Lana:

“The Blackamoor Does Sail”

“Death Freezes the Archbishop (A Multitude Of High Magnitude)”


One Response to “New Album Demo Tracks!”

  1. catchthereference Says:

    It seems Emperor Ghoul’s track is no longer fur download. 😦 I is sad.

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