Are We Alive? Yes!

Missed us?  Well, as you can probably tell, we at \\\Maytag haven’t been particularly active over the past year.  In fact, when I said that Tnuc Lana and I started recording, we literally just worked on it for a little bit, and then proceeded to play Super Smash Brothers for a few hours before calling it a night.  You see, as it is now, \\\Maytag is effectively a two man operation, much like SunnO))).  However, the two of us have a lot of things going on in real life that just don’t translate well to having time to commit to such a serious project like this.  We both work many hours a week, just like you probably do, and mixed with educational whatnots (derp, college), we just don’t get to meet up and collaborate as a team like we’d want to, nor do we get the time to fiddle around with production much.  It’s sad to see that our beloved project is slowly fading away into obscurity.

I silently noticed to myself that May 26th was the 2nd anniversary of our debut releases.  That, followed up by a Metalsucks post about us, got me thinking about the status of the Fridgerick Douglass EP that we’ve been working on for ages now.  Well, 27 minutes have been done for awhile now, ready for production and mixing, and as of yesterday, I finally got the fucking balls and motivation to start writing more music!  I got a dandy new Bionaire portable mini fan, with two speed settings, and recorded it for a bit.  As of now, I’ve turned that into an intense 3:30 of new material, with massive layering and production value, that will surely be a wondrous new addendum to the material that we already have!  I’ve actually been practicing my production techniques since we released our first album, and I’m ready to really test them out here!

So yes, world, we are alive.  All I can say about this music is that it’s guaranteed to be better than a Morbid Angel album.  Y’know, that album (IT’S TOO EXTREME!!!).  Jeez, we couldn’t make music that bad if we tried…


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