Guess What? We Want You To Bootleg Out Merchandise!

Fan-made shirt

I was checking our, and I noticed that a user known as steinarhr1 uploaded a picture to our photos of a \\\Maytag shirt that they made themselves.  Franky, we are flattered that someone would go out of their way to make \\\Maytag clothing–thank you, steinarhr1!  With that in mind, I’d like to officially open this up to the rest of our fan base.  If you so desire, you are more than welcome to create “bootleg” merchandise.  In fact, we’re encouraging you to!  We want you all to make as much bootleg \\\Maytag stuff as you want. Go ahead, make bootleg shirts, hats, capes, socks, eye patches, posters, and anything else that you can think of.  It would even be funny if bootleg CDs started being circulated.  Feel free to spread around what you make as well.  Although we’d prefer that you not sell it (or at the very least, only charge for what the materials cost), it’s not like we would plausibly stop you.

To start, we should provide you with high-quality (1515 x 1515) PNG images of our album covers.  We have all of them at this quality except Concerto for Three Washers in Sea Major, so here they are:

The Saga of the Frostbitten Lands of Frigidaire


I’m on a Fridge

Fridgerick Douglass

In addition, here are some variations of our logo, as well as our mascot (at lower resolutions and in JPEG format):

Black and White

Red and Blue


Of course, you’re not limited to just this–you can use anything you want, even with original content!  Anyway, if you do make something, feel free to send pictures to us at maytag235[at] and we’ll post it here!


One Response to “Guess What? We Want You To Bootleg Out Merchandise!”

  1. […] above is fan-made, and it has started their new “campaign” of sorts, which is to encourage fans to make bootleg material.  They even provide some high resolution images to work with.  This is an odd move, but since […]

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