Fridgerick Douglass

With the announcement of new material, I also thought it might be a good idea to reveal the album cover for our next release–“Fridgerick Douglass”–in all of its frostbitten glory!  I actually made this over a year ago (Photoshop FTW!) before the release of the original album and revealed on this site in the form of a hyperlink, but not many people saw it, so this is more of a true introduction to the magnificent cover of “Fridgerick Douglass.”   For this release, we will be giving away our music for free, as usual, under a Creative Commons License.  I’m going to estimate that this will at least be completed (not necessarily released) by the end of summer, because that is all the time that Tnuc Lana and I (and possibly Pledgehammer) have to work together.  As for promotion, this time around, I will be more aggressive in terms of sending it out to people.  Since this is now a (more) serious musical project, I feel that it should get more of the exposure it deserves.  I saw a few blog posts about us after the release of the first album, which was pleasing considering what it was, but for the next album, it shall be better!


One Response to “Fridgerick Douglass”

  1. Looking forward to that stuff!
    I just found “The Saga of the Frostbitten Lands of Frigidaire” in my music collection 2 days ago and haven’t listened to anything else since then, haha.
    I liked your cover of I’m on a Boat, especially the lyrics. Reading them, i thought of the ramblings of a batshit insane person obsessed with murder and for some reason fridges, would be awesome if you’d have more vocals on your tracks, i think.

    Keep up the awesome fuckin work!


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