And the song covered is…”I’m on a Boat?”

Yep!  Instead, it is renamed “I’m on a Fridge!”

I got pretty bored in June, and was thinking about random pop songs.  “I’m on a Boat” got stuck in my head for about a week or so, and then I had a revelation: \\\MAYTAG SHOULD COVER THAT!  Except we have to make it really metal, so I wrote up a bunch of silly metal lyrics.  It was literally just cutting out lyrics from the original and putting in metal ones.  No real thought process besides being as metal as possible.

At first, I thought this would just be silly, but then the idea of fusing the totally inaccessible genre of drone/doom/fridgecore with pop actually seemed interesting.  The song is mixed with vocals in mind, with the fridge noises relatively low, but the atmosphere is still there, and there is absolutely no percussion, which makes it sound really different from the original.  In addition, since the original has three vocalists, it gave me the opportunity to experiment with death, black, and clean vocals.  My clean vocals suck ass, so I decided to make fun of the awful falsettos so common in metal by doing the T-Pain part in a more atrocious falsetto that I jokingly auto-tuned A LOT to sound like T-Pain himself.

I also had been wanting to make a \\\Maytag music video.  I’m on a Boat happens to have a rather humorous and memorable music video, so that worked well, but I also wanted to bring in some of the humorously grim overtones of Call of the Wintermoon.  This song gave me a good opportunity to do so.  Thankfully, we got a few people to also submit footage, so it actually looks pretty metal in a lo-fi, DIY type of way.

Then, for the album cover, I decided to make a fridge-ified version of Dawn of the Black Hearts.  Brutal stuff going on over here!

I'm on a Fridge


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