Another Update on the Video!

Ok, the video for the song is done.  Now it just needs a short intro.  Someone on 235 mentioned a real-life version of the running fridge joke, except with an actual fridge running.  That idea is awesome, so I plan on filming that.  But the problem is that fridges don’t run.  The solution is the next best thing–a costume!  Here is is (sorry it’s reversed):

Fridge Costume

Fridge Costume

So grim…so grim…

I shall film myself running around some trees and stuff in a grim and kvlt manner.  This should be the final touch on the best music video ever!  Also, if anyone dresses up as a fridge for Halloween, I’ll post the pics on here.  If you dress your kids up as fridges (mini fridges?), then you’ll get more pictures up here.

This is almost done!!!


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