Belated Birthday Wishes/Video Update

Well, nobody quite realized that it had been an entire year since the idea for \\\Maytag was concieved, but indeed it is true.  September 21st was the first birthday of the musical entity known as \\\Maytag!   To celebrate, we were made this cake by a 235-er:

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to the frigid grimness of \\\Maytag!  It’s actually crazy that this has literally lasted for so long.

Now to the serious business–the music video!  The video is on the verge of being finished.  I might want to whip up an intro, but for the most part, it’s complete.  I’m still open to getting more submissions, but I can’t fit too much more into the video.  If you have anything you want to submit, do so ASAP! Once the video is 100% finished, which I’m assuming will be in early-mid October, I will make a topic on 235 asking for 3-5 people to preview the video.  I will want their feedback on the video so that I can get some objective criticism on it.  Once I take their criticisms into consideration, edit some stuff, it will be released to the world!  The video will be up for download, as well as streaming on Youtube.  In addition, you will be able to download the song from our website for free as well!  I won’t reveal the title of the cover (or the song covered for that manner) until the day this is released, so nobody shall ruin the surprise!



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