A Small Update on the Frigid World of \\\Maytag

Since I last posted, we’ve gotten a good bit of footage to be included in our special new music video. I know for a fact that Tnuc Lana has footage to submit as well, so I’m really looking forward to releasing the final product. I’ve been tweaking wit hit a lot, and it really has the lo-fi, ridiculous feel that I had imagined when I came up with the idea for this cover in late-June. This is almost as epic as Call of the Wintermoon, although there is no corpsepaint involved as of yet. But even if the video is done very soon, I have absolutely no intention of releasing it in September. There is something much more important going in the world of 235, and that is the release of the debut album “Metazoa” from our great friends in Cormorant!



Continuing and massively improving on the material from their EP, Cormorant have crafted a truly amazing album. Clocking in at over an hour, it explores lots of different territory, yet remains interesting throughout. This band is a constant favorite of 235, and we all hope that they get much more exposure. You can pre-order the album here: http://cormorantmusic.blogspot.com/

Also, Tnuc Lana has submitted a new track! It’s in the demos section of the site, and it’s quite chilling! I like his new trend of focusing on high-pitched BWOOO)))Ms. It shows a great degree of creativity. Also, the song title is hysterical, because the book “Death Comes for the Archbishop” is rather bad.

Well, enjoy! Congrats once again to Cormorant!


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