We’re Making A Music Video?!?!?!? WTF?

I have been spending some time lately on a cover song.  The song is almost entirely done (I might add a few more bwooms, but it’s virtually all done).  I don’t want to reveal the song I covered yet (IT’S A SURPRISE DAMMIT!), but I will say that it’s a pop song.  Also, this pop song has a music video (that doesn’t really narrow things down), and it’s best with the video instead of on its own.  With that said, I want this cover to have a music video before I release it.

Here is where 235 comes in. This video is meant to be in a joking manner like Call of the Wintermoon.  To make this all inclusive, I’d like to open this up to everyone–if you want to be in the video, submit video content of yourself doing silly things with a refrigerator, or being overly grim for no apparent reason. Run around, jump, be like Korpiklaani and burst out of your fridge/shed, hump a fridge, run through the fridge section in your local appliance store!  Do anything that in some way relates to either \\\Maytag’s brand of humor, or just over-the-top metal humor in general.

Anyone up for this? If so, upload your video to megaupload, mediafire, sendspace, etc. and send it to me.  Also, you don’t need to have already submitted music to \\\Maytag to be in this video (in fact, being in this video will make you an official contributing member).

I’m really looking forward to working on this.  A few people have heard the song already and are as pumped as I am for this.  I’ll compile as much of the footage together as I can, and it’ll be a mildly disorganized cinematographic masterpiece!  We’ll be the next YouTube sensation!


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