New Links Up Now! Download at about 600KB/s!

Well, I guess my estimate was a bit wrong, but it’s a good thing–the new links are now up!  Now all downloads are from links I uploaded to the Internet Archive.  You can look us up there if you want, since the hotlinks to individual songs are there.  Enjoy drastically faster speed!

For the sake of tracking, I’m posting the official download numbers of the releases with the old links:

The Saga of the Frostbitten Lands of Frigidaire:  150

Concerto for Three Washers in Sea Major:  55

Permafrost:  55


3 Responses to “New Links Up Now! Download at about 600KB/s!”

  1. White Headliner Says:

    I just d/l ed something at around 1MB a second there. Maybe you can use it for future releases?

    • maytag235 Says:

      White Headliner? May I ask what inspired that name instead of Tnuc Lana? =P

      As for Ghost, that looks really interesting. It has a 15GB limit, which is big enough, but it looks more like a personal computer over the internet. I’ll look into it more, but the main thing I’m looking for is whether it lets me store and hotlink to files. If it lets me, I’ll certainly be willing to change. Do you know for sure (the site is a bit vague)? Also, it’s only in an alpha stage now, so once it passes through beta, I’ll give it much more consideration.

  2. tnuc lana Says:

    whoops. White Headliner is a name i use on another forum.

    anyway, I happened to find a link to it to download a concert. And it went fast. I just figured it was worth mentioning, since I just discovered it.

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