Minor Update About Downloads (New Webhost! Faster Speed!)

Well, I feel like an idiot.  I can’t believe that I had never heard of the Internet Archive.  For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s like an online library.  It hosts text, video, and more importantly, audio!  Well, I created an account there, and have started to upload our music there.  It takes awhile, because the ZIP files are pretty large, so it’s not ready now (only 4 of 9  ZIPs are ready, but I want to replace the Sendspace links all at once).  Expect everything to be ready within a week or so (I’ll make another post when it’s done).

While Sendspace has been great for us, the 80KB/s downloading speed is simply not good at all.  Sendspace was fine for lo-quality demos and such, but for big ZIP files, it’s lacking.  With the Interenet Archive, I tested a download of one release, and it was at over 500KB/s, which is obviously a huge improvement!

Also, the Archive allows for direct linking (“hotlinking” is the term if I recall correctly) just like Sendspace, so the only change you will notice in downloading our music is an increase in speed.  In addition, Sendspace has a 30 day period where if the link isn’t clicked, the file is deleted.  We never have to worry about that with the Archive.  I am also uploading individual audio tracks on there as well (in FLAC and 320kbps MP3 formats, since last.fm has the 128kbps MP3 already), so that we can hotlink to them individually if we want.  After all that time back in May lkooking for a decent host, I can’t believe that I didn’t find this.

I’d like to thank instrumental progressive metal one-man outfit Dimaension X for hosting his music on the Archive–that’s how I discovered it.


2 Responses to “Minor Update About Downloads (New Webhost! Faster Speed!)”

  1. Tnuc Lana Says:

    I never heard of this site before! Sounds like a great improvement for downloading.

    • maytag235 Says:

      Indeed it is. And I’ll have the the new links up more quickly than expected, maybe even tonight. The site is much faster today than when I first used it yesterday.

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