With the relatively successful release of the first album (considering the recording methods and complete obscuirty), multiple people have contacted me about joining \\\Maytag for a second album.  As such, we already have TWO NEW DEMO SONGS!

“Stormy Sirens in a Grim Gale” by APPREHENSIVE


“The Blackamoor Does Sail” by returning member Tnuc Lana

I decided to set up a page for them, and all future demo contributions will be added there.  All I can say is that the enthusiasm for this whole project has been great, and I can’t wait to see it continue on.  I know that I will certainly be contributing once again, and the title for my track will most likely be “40 Shades of Grim,” an Irish-themed track.  Folk-fridge metal?  Haha…sure…

Also, I have my own personal little surprise for \\\Maytag.  I have no clue when it will be done, but I personally find it to be quite amusing.  The vocals are mostly done (and yes, it’s more than just “FUCKIN’ CHOW DOWN!”), and I’m currently working on everything else.  This might go with the EP I’ve been planning for months now (“Fridgerick Douglass“), or it might be a single on it’s own.  Regardless, I think it’ll be a love it or hate it type of thing–just the way it should be!

Still, everything seems to be going very well with \\\Maytag.  I guess that’s all for this update!




    Am I the only one who thinks that TBDS flows really well into SSIAGG?

    • maytag235 Says:

      I also think that they flow together really well. I’ve been talking to Tnuc Lana, and he’s debating separating TBDS into two tracks. Who knows what his final choice will be, but I’ll like it regardless.

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