Welcome to the new home of \\\Maytag!  The Myspace was getting a bit cramped, and I felt that this would be better for distributing our music.  The site is still a bit under construction as of now, but I’ve created a bio page, and a discography page with links to each album.  I haven’t uploaded the music yet, but that will happen very soon–when “The Saga of the Frostbitten Lands of Frigidaire” is ready to be released!  Arglebargle is still hard at work producing the album, but it’s almost ready.  He even sent me FLAC versions of most of the songs already!  The long wait is almost over…

Otherwise, just take a quick look around, and bookmark/favorite/whatever this site and stay up to date with all \\\Maytag news and music!


2 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. This is amazing. Most bands aren’t apt enough to even set up a site like this. So simple and straightforward, yet comprehensive and attractive.

    Plus, the music is amazing (and I don’t just mean my tracks 😉 )


  2. charlie Says:

    Well done kboose. I can’t wait 4 the album to come out. Declan says ur gonna put it on iTunes. Is that true?

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